Bus Operators may only pick up and discharge passengers at designated bus stop locations.
Adult (Age 13 & Up)  
Age 12 & Under, Senior & Disabled*  
Children age 5 and under FREE
(Limit 2 when accompanied by a fare paying parent or guardian)
Adult monthly (Age 13 & Up)  
Age 12 & Under, Senior & Disabled Monthly*  
Adult (Age 13 & Up)  
Age 12 & Under, Senior & Disabled*  
Wright Flyer (no transfers issued or received)  
Transfer FREE
(9 AM - 2 PM and after 6 PM M-F, All day Sat/Sun, Not available on Wright Flyers)

*Acceptable ID must be shown when reduced fare is paid. (acceptable ID's include: RTA ID Cards, Medicare Card, and Primary School ID Cards.)

Our drivers do not carry change, so please have exact fare ready. Thanks!
(effective 9/95)

Transfers A transfer lets you leave one bus and board another to continue your trip. You can transfer at any designated transfer point. Transfer points are the first location where two routes cross. Transfers are good for one hour and can be used to continue your trip in a different direction. A transfer cannot be used for a return trip.

Transferring between buses is free. If you need a transfer, simply request it at the time you pay your initial fare. Present the transfer to the Operator when you board the next bus.

A Stop-N-Shop is similar to a transfer, but it is used to continue your trip in the same direction. You can stop along your route and then continue later along the same route, traveling in the same direction. As with a transfer, a Stop-N-Shop is good for one hour and must be asked for at the time you board your first bus and pay your fare. A Stop-N-Shop is also FREE.

Express Service RTA offers speedy Express Service. You can travel from the Dayton Mall, Downtown Dayton, Centerville, Kettering or Huber Heights to Wright Patterson Air Force Base with only a limited number of passenger stops. This reduces travel time even below that of auto travel (remember you have to find some place to park your car). Other areas with Express Service to Downtown Dayton include the Dayton Mall, Salem Mall and Vandalia.
RTA also offers semi-express service to shorten your travel time. Semi-express buses operate like regular RTA routes until they cross into an area served by another route. Once a semi-express bus crosses into an area served by another route, it will operate like an express route and will continue without stopping to pick up passengers unless it is flagged. If you wish to catch a semi-express bus in a semi-express zone, you must flag the Bus Operator so that he or she will know that you are waiting on the semi-express bus and not the regular route that serves the area.

DASH Downtown Area Short Hop is a program offering free rides in off-peak periods within the central business district of Dayton. The hours of this service are Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., after 6 p.m. and all day weekends and holidays.

Riders may board any bus except the Wright Flyer for free. Simply inform the Operator that you are DASHing when boarding. If your ride takes you beyond the central business district, you will need to pay the regular fare.
The DASH area is bordered by the Great Miami River on the north and west, Patterson Blvd. on the east, and 6th Street on the south.


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