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RTA Community Grant program

In an effort to promote cooperative, transit-related planning and development projects throughout Montgomery county, the RTA has earmarked $1.2 million over the next five years for transit-related community grant projects to assist jurisdictions with transit-related investments above and beyond those which RTA and jurisdictions can provide.
All jurisdictions within Montgomery County are eligible for funding and may sponsor public/private projects within jurisdictional boundaries. Transit projects which are considered as having a general regional or community significance will also be considered for grant funding.
Grant applications were mailed out October 1, 1996. The deadline for submitting an application is December 1, 1996, with grant funding approvals expected on March 4, 1997.
For more information about the RTA Community Grant, call the RTA Capital Controller at 443-3077.

1996 RTA Community Grant Recipients

On July 2, 1996, the RTA Board of Trustees awarded $205,844 in RTA community grants to area jurisdictions. The awards marked the first year of the five-year grant program.
RTA community grants made possible many improvements that are mutually beneficial to RTA riders and jurisdictional residents.

The Village of Brookville received an RTA community grant to establish an RTA Park-n-Ride lot as part of its downtown revitalization project.

The City of Huber Heights will use RTA community grant funds to establish bus shelters and to construct a bus pull-off along Taylorsville Road.

An RTA community grant will enable West Third Street bus shelters to be included as part of Jefferson Township's revitalization project.

The Village of New Lebanon received RTA community grant funds to assist with the construction of an RTA bus layover, benefiting a local business park and a nearby juvenile courts building.

Grants awarded to the City of Riverside will be used to address safety issues, enabling curb cuts and ramps to be added to a variety of intersections and walkways to enhance public transportation's accessibility to individuals with disabilities. Riverside will also widen the intersection of Burkhardt Avenue and Spinning Road to improve bus operations.

The City of West Carrollton, as part of its downtown beautification project, will use its RTA community grant to improve public access to an RTA bus stop, and will enhance its existing RTA Park-N-Ride with new signage.

The City of Dayton received an RTA community grant to assist with Main Street enhancements to provide additional lighting, phone booths and accessible water fountains.


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