RTA News Release

RTA introduces CD '96 bus

As part of the Celebration Dayton '96 bicentennial festivities, RTA introduced a CD '96 illustrated bus on April 1, 1996. The bus, a 40-foot vehicle carrying the CD '96 logo and the tagline "Public transit... your passport to CD '96," will prominently promote transit as the preferred method of getting to and from many CD'96 events.

"The illustrated bus represents RTA's recognition of the CD '96 program and underscores the importance of using transit as a safe, reliable and cost-effective means of attending numerous CD '96 events," said RTA Executive Director Minnie Fells Johnson, Ph.D. CD 96 Bus Image

The bus features images of RTA's Operator of the Year, Darryl Daugherty, and RTA's Maintenance Employee of the year, James "Rockie" Mitchell. The photos of the RTA employees of the year honor both men for their outstanding achievements in delivering public transportation service to the community.
The RTA will operate the CD '96 illustrated bus in regular service for the remainder of 1996.


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